The development of software should always consider the wishes and needs of customers as well as users. This requires a conscious use of functioning and also clean, structured code to boost the usability and scalability of software and games.
In the past I have worked in the advertisment sector for clients like Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Deutsche Post, Jung van Matt, Converse and many more.
In my daily business I plan and develop social games, what is great to gain new experiences and work in real agile workflows.

The shown projects should give an impression in my past work and daily challenges. If you are interested in my open source work, please have a look at my github account or the list of coding related posts.

Bubble Island


  • Producer: Wooga GmbH
  • Link: Bubble Island on Facebook
  • Working time: 09/2011 — now
  • Technology: ActionScript 3, Parsley, JSON, FlexUnit, Mockito, as3-yaul, ANT, Jenkins
  • My part: Planning and realization of a rebuild of the whole game

Bubble Island is an exciting puzzle game based on a popular arcade concept. Modernized and
re-developed for the social gaming sphere, users shoot a bubble-cannon and pop bubbles of matching colors to progress through several stages. Bubble Island includes elements of friendly competition as well as cooperation in a fast-paced island atmosphere.
(06/28/2012 from Wooga)

Diamond Dash


  • Producer: Wooga GmbH
  • Link: Diamond Dash on Facebook
  • Working time: 06/2011 — 09/2011
  • Technology: ActionScript 3, Parsley, JSON, FlexUnit, Mockito, ANT, Jenkins
  • My part: Planning and realization of a rebuild of the whole game

The 60 second gem rush: click colorful gems, use magic diamonds and compete with your friends! More than 18 million monthly active players on Facebook are fascinated by Diamond Dash, testing their reactivity by clicking as many same-colored gems as possible. Social features like weekly tournaments or the ability to help out your friends, add up to the arcade experience, turning Diamond Dash into one of the most successful Social Games worldwide. (06/30/2012 from Wooga)

Converse — Spark


  • Producer: Powerflasher GmbH
  • Client: ALL STAR D.A.CH. GmbH
  • Link: (campaign is not longer online)
  • Released: 2010
  • Technology: ActionScript 3, Parsley, ANT, TeamCity
  • My part: Lead development and the programmatical design of the Spark campaign

Converse Germany commissioned the Powerflasher GmbH with the relaunch of their website as well as several campaigns. The innovative concept and design has already won several well-known awards (e.g. iF Design Award, 2009). The campaign “The Spark” (2009) presents international artists and their entirely individual view of the world.

ACL and Kalypso


  • Producer: Stephan Partzsch
  • Link: ACL & Kalypso Project page
  • Working time: 07/2008 — 11/2008
  • Technology: ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR, TCL, ANT, Java, XML
  • My part: Planning, management, realization and documentation of the whole project

Kalypso is an interpreter system for ActionScript 3. With the script-based programming language ACL, which leans on Tcl, can be programmed on the base of ActionScript. Moreover the use of native ActionScript objects in Acl is possible.
The results of my diploma thesis were, besides the interpreter, theoretical use cases as well as different tools for the software development process with ActionScript 3.

Du bist Deutschland


Jung von Matt commissioned the Powerflasher GmbH with the implementation of an interactive map of Germany and a ‘world of images’ with parallax effect for the “Du bist Deutschland” campaign. The aim was a collective grasp of a children friendly Germany. The client won with this project several awards (e.g. iF Design Award, 2008).